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| Last Updated:: 26/11/2014

The Web of Life Game


The Web of Life Game
Age group: 6 upwards
Location: Inside or outside.
Ideal numbers: 15-20
Equipment required: ball of string
Amount of time: 10 mins
Reason for playing: to show how the natural world is inter linked, discussion of food-webs.
How to Play:

All stand in a circle. One person start off with the ball of string - they choose to be an animal or plant (in the wild or on a farm etc) for example a greenfly. Somebody across the circle is asked to think of something which the greenfly is connected to/eats or is eaten by - for example a ladybird. The greenfly keeps hold of the end of the string, and throws the ball across the circle to the ladybird. The ladybird has to find someone else in the circle who can make a connection to them - possibly a blue tit. They keep hold of the string, and throw the ball - so that gradually a 'web' is created linking everybody in the circle. Keep the string taut, people may have to pull back slightly on it Then explain that something has happened to affect one of the players in the circle – it may be that somebody has decided to chop down a particular tree, spray the greenfly or take some other 'action'. The player affected is asked to 'die' sitting down or falling and pulling one the string. Ask the players if any of them felt that 'tug' on the string - two other players should have done. See how they will be affected by what has happened - these players 'die', and so more feel the tug. Continue until all the circle has felt the string 'tug'. Some living things on a farm - apple tree, strawberries, bee, clover, cow, farmer, sheep, kale, greenfly, ladybird, wheat, oats. Another way of doing this- go to a natural area and choose species from there. You can use things such as sunshine, air, soil and water - these will be linked to almost everything else.