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| Last Updated:: 14/03/2014

Sounds and Colors Game


Sounds and Colors

Recommended Time and Environment: Day and night/anywhere
Number of Players: 
1 or more people
Best Age Range: 
3 years and up
Materials Needed: 

        In a forest , meadow, marsh or park,  sit or lie down on your back with both fists held up in the air. Every time you hear a new bird song  lift one finger. This is a wonderful way to become aware of the sounds (and the stillness) of nature. For fun see if you can count to 10 without hearing a bird song. Vary the game by listening for general animal sounds - or for any sounds at all, like wind in the grass, falling leaves, rushing water. See if you can follow the wind as it flows through the forest. See how many colors you can see in front of you without moving from where you are standing