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| Last Updated:: 10/09/2020

Have a Green Eco Birth-Day Party

Environmental awareness for kids : Have a Green Eco-Birthday Party


Think about how many different ways you can have your birthday party help the planet! As a craft, you can draw on pieces of fabric to make a quilt with the theme of Helping the Earth" or some other special earth theme. You can make up games that use natural objects (rocks, sticks, leaves, etc.) You can make sculptures from natural objects (clay, rocks, sticks, leaves, etc.). As party favors, you can give your guests a certificate of adoption of a dolphin or purchase an acre of rain-forest land (one for the group). Instead of giving gifts, you can suggest kids donate money to your or their favorite environmental charity. (Emily is helping the planet by asking her friends to bring food and baby clothes to donate to a neighborhood center instead of bringing her gifts) Try to use reusable plates, silverware, cups, table cloths, cloth napkins, etc. Or if you need to use disposable paper goods and utensils, please use ones that have been made from recycled materials. Recycle all glass, aluminum and plastic used. Recycle the old toys that you do not use anymore. Donate them to a local charity so that children who are less fortunate can have a chance to play with a "new" toy. Think of other ways that you can make your birthday party eco-friendly!Send us your ideas so that we can share your ideas with kids all over the world!