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| Last Updated:: 05/11/2018

Eco-Classroom Ideas


Eco-Classroom Ideas

Reusable Containers

Encourage everyone to use reusable containers to hold their snacks, drinks and lunches - so that no plastic or paper has to be thrown away.

Scrap Paper Box


Keep a scrap paper box in a convenient location.   Strongly encourage everyone to use both sides of the paper.

Get Your Whole School to Recycle

This could be a great project for your class if your school does not already have a recycling program in place.  If your school already recycles, see if your class can improve the current system.


Eco ~ Craft Box


So many of the items normally bound for the garbage actually make wonderful craft materials.  Boxes, tissue paper, string, and plastic bottles are just some of the items kids can use to make great projects.


Cut 6-Pack Rings   

Ask the food service people in your school to put the plastic rings aside for your class to cut.  Cutting up these rings prevents animals from getting caught in them, which can lead to strangling or starvation.